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lfw 2013Hello Fashionistas,

Welcome to Chic Unique Boutique and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading and sharing in this wonderful website dedicated to the latest trends, events, industry news and debates in Fashion.  I am a 21 year old Law Graduate from London and self proclaimed fashion afficianado.

From a young age I fondly remember flicking through my mother’s Elle, Vogue and Harpar’s Bazaar magazines and being enthralled by the beautiful and striking images of the designer collections and the sheer elegance of the bags and shoes. I simply fell in love with this world of luxury and sophistication and from then onwards my love of Fashion has become a key part of my life. I enjoy trying out different looks and keeping up to date with all the latest trends, whilst still maintaining my individual style. I would describe my look as very feminine and sophisticated with a fun twist on more casual occasions. My inspiration for creating this website is to share and enjoy fashion trends and looks with you, my fellow fashionistas and also to discuss issues in the fashion world from a fresh perspective.

Please feel free to contribute your ideas and opinions as I would love for us all to share our different perspectives on Fashion. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy Chic Unique Boutique!

Ekua Sekyi



For any offers, writing services required and other queries please email us at:





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